2021 Alto! Alto!! Rosso, Sangiovese blend

2021 Alto! Alto!! Rosso, Sangiovese blend

Loads of fruit, deliciousness, and aromatic intrigue balanced by structure and unravelling layers of savoury complexity.

Serve it with richer dishes, especially with sweet/sour characters: Tuscan chicken and grape agrodolce; roasted pork belly with hoi sin.

 👁 Bright purple with ruby inflection
👃 Blackberry, raspberry, plum, anise, tobacco leaf and woody spice
👄 Medium weight, juicy, smashable palate, just the right amount of sour cherry acidity,        finishing with a refreshingly fine tannin profile

In life to be in the middle is sometimes seen as a bad thing but for us it means you are the best of everything, like a well-rounded student or athlete. Alto! Alto!! red should be: medium bodied; medium in aromatics (with carbonic lift, spice, herbs); medium in fruit (showing red, black and blue); and medium in structure (refreshing acidity and tannin to cut the plump fruit). Made from Merlot in two parts - one whole-berry dominated ferment with lots of fruit to the fore, one destemmed and crushed to show how good serious Merlot can be when it’s not blended with Cab Sauv. Pinot Noir was destemmed as stems weren’t ripe this year, its role is to lighten the mood & add perfume. Malbec made with lots of whole berry brings characteristic blackberry & tobacco.

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