Athletes of Wine

An athlete. Of wine.

A multi-disciplinarian, trying to master the art of all things vinous.
Committed to the cause, training hard every day,
becoming the best we can be at wine.

Growing, making, talking, tasting, sharing.
It's not hard work: it's who we are, it's what we do.


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Becoming an Athlete

The yearly race.
Where preparation meets opportunity.
Seeking a moment of precision, a moment of perfection.
For most, the search started way back when, a flame of passion ignited, sparked by a transcendent moment -
"I had no idea that was possible. I want to do that.".

We set to work, building our skills and knowledge, yes, but most importantly training our bodies, acquiring the physical skills to become elite at our chosen craft.

First to arrive, last to leave. We didn't choose it, it chose us.
Year after year we train, in any kind of weather, hoping to attain a level where repetition, muscle memory and exposure to a variety of conditions means we execute perfectly, time and time again.

Summer closes, autumn approaches. Hope swells with the potential of what is about to be achieved as the end of the season draws near.
Up before it's light. Home after dark.

Up before it's light. Home after dark.
We do not compete against other players, our only opponent is ourselves and our willingness to outlast the season. Each year we race. Each year we strive for that moment where everything is just right. To feel that state of flow. We might never get there, but next year we will try again regardless. This is what we do.
This is everything.
This is what it means to be an Athlete of Wine...

...well, if you don't want to do all of that you can still be an Athlete of Wine.
It's pretty easy actually.
Just eat local, eat seasonal, (just eat!), grow veggies, learn how to cook without following a recipe, support small businesses, invite your friends and family over often, and share a good bottle of wine - it might be ours, it might be someone else's, or maybe, just maybe... might be one from our awesome wine club! Did we mention we have a Wine Club???

The Slashie Wine Club is arguably the best wine club going round. If you want to be good at wine, sign up and let us show you through the diversity the Wide World of Wine has to offer.