2021 Vino Athlético Chardonnay

2021 Vino Athlético Chardonnay

Fleshy texture and mouthfeel, with an uncluttered finish. A Chardonnay which is stripped back and pure, yet is more than just a lean, neutral, early-picked dry white. Bright and quaffable, a wine with no pretences, comfortable in its own skin. 

This wine needs to be with raw and lighter plates: scallop or prawn crudo; ceviche; cauliflower pilaf.

 👁 Pale lemon colour, hint of straw
👃 Soft yellow fruits, hinting at the tropical
👄 The palate brings peach, savoury roasted nuts and closes with grapefruit pith on the finish

Vino Athlético has been called a gateway wine – it’s a racy and refreshing Chardonnay which converts even those that say they don’t like this grape (who are these people?) and still appeals to the lovers as much as the haters. Despite the fresh approach in the winery it should still announce itself as a wine with presence and character, clearly made from low yielding, high quality fruit - undeniably and deeply Chardonnay, albeit in a graceful, unadorned style. The sand and basalt soils at Candlebark Hill and the large format old oak in the winery give the wine an open texture and crisp focus.

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