2013 Viñero Cuvée Extra Brut

2013 Viñero Cuvée Extra Brut

Long, complex wine driven by extended lees aging and the combination of ripe citrus and chalky texture of Chardonnay, with Pinot Noir contributing a hint of wild plum and apple blossom.

Bubbles aren't just for when you're standing up, or having oysters or appetisers - by all means serve it with them, but really this is proper wine - vintage sparkling deserves a place at the table, with a main course of light/white protein (egg drop soup, tofu, chicken/pork/seafood).

 👁 Pale straw colour
👃 Lemon meringue, almond meal
👄 Light to med body, pink grapefruit and some Fino-like autolytic tang

A true passion project, aged for 10 years on lees in a cold cellar. A long and slow process to capture the last year of our lease of our original vineyard in the southern part of the Macedon Ranges. The 2013 season was warm and dry, and by the start of April we started to see stress in the canopy of our Pinot Noir. Matt’s solution – pick it early and make fizz. Liam’s answer – hells yes! We had already reached an in-principal agreement to take on a new vineyard and so purchased Chardonnay from that block to add to our tiny yield of Pinot Noir. Hey presto! Fancy fizz!

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