The Slashie Wine Club - get a 6-pack, subscribe to save

The Slashie Wine Club - get a 6-pack, subscribe to save

The Slashie Wine Club - get a 6-pack, subscribe to save

This pack is the summer '23 shipment of our curated wine club, The Slashie.

It's called the Slashie because it's a winemaker's selection pack: five delicious wines from us / one wine that has inspired us along the way, that we aspire to be like or is just so good it's downright unmissable.

No doubt the best option is to buy this as an ongoing subscription, however, if it's just the one pack you are after - go ahead, pop it in your cart and get it on the way!

Summer wines, 2023 

2013 Viñero Cuvée Extra Brut

Long, complex wine driven by extended lees aging and the combination of ripe citrus and chalky texture of Chardonnay, with Pinot Noir contributing a hint of wild plum and apple blossom.

A true passion project, aged for 10 years on lees in a cold cellar. A long and slow process to capture the last year of our lease of our original vineyard in the southern part of the Macedon Ranges.  We had already reached an in-principal agreement to take on a new vineyard and so purchased Chardonnay from that block to add to our tiny yield of Pinot Noir. Hey presto! Fancy fizz!

2022 Alto! Alto!! Bianco

This semi-aromatic, semi-savoury textural blend has citrus drive, soft yellow fruit, gentle almond and herbal notes overlaid with white & pink blossom. 

Serve with burrata and grilled marinated vegetables.

Trebbiano forms the core of his wine, providing yellow plum and gentle apricot notes. A little bit of Chardonnay added some depth of flavour and we were lucky enough to get our hands on some Gros Manseng - a variety originally from the southwest of France which brings floral aromatics and length on the palate.

2016 Vino Athlético Chardonnay 

This wine has deep yellow fruits, a hint of nougat, and a savoury mid-palate. Not exactly "big and buttery", but heading in that direction.

The 2016 vintage was one of the earliest on record but was quite mild, as always, in the Macedon Ranges.  The vintage style is full, fleshy and satisfying.  This was the first year we decided to blend in some of the Romsey Chardonnay and this has certainly given an extra level of complexity.

2022 Alto! Alto!! Ambratino

Savoury style with gentle but present grip and a deep yellow fruit profile for contrast. Close your eyes and it's a red wine with white wine flavours


The Alto! Alto!! wines run deep with the spirit of people I have been inspired by and the magic moments in wine I want to try to re-create. No surprises that it was Matt who showed me the first orange wine that really blew me away (Occhipinti SP68) and inspired me to make a proper skin contact white. Matt also matched that wine to food so well, it taught me that the style can work as a pairing in ways which white, pink, red or fizzy never can.

2016 Alto! Alto!! Rosso

This is looking incredibly fresh for a wine which was mean to be consumed young. Medium weight, with punchy aromatics still lead by fruit but starting to show some earthy notes. The palate remains a riot of red, black and blue fruits, balanced by a refreshing acidity and al dente tannins.

The very first Alto! Alto Rosso. A single vineyard field blend, predominantly Pinot Noir, with small amounts of Shiraz and Malbec, and the odd rogue Chardonnay vine in the mix for good measure.

2020 Loosen Barry 'Wolta Wolta' Riesling 

A truly captivating wine. Undeniably Clare Valley in style, yet unlike any other wine from that region. Dry, savoury, floral, salty, refreshing and commanding.

A very, very special wine, made as part of a collaboration between two of the most famous names in the world Riesling - Jim Barry in the Clare Valley and Dr Loosen in the Mosel, Germany. In short, Pete Barry made a Clare Valley wine exactly as Ernie Loosen would make his the dry Riesling in the Mosel Valley, and reverse happened in Germany. A large (3000L!) German oak cask was shipped to Australia to authentically replicate the aging process that would have taken place in the Mosel. 

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