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The Slashie Wine Club is arguably the best (I think it is, Matt agrees with me) wine club going round. It’s a way to keep your home supplied with great wine, either by subscribing to get regular deliveries or as one off (but still regular right?) purchases.


Why is it the best? No other club has the combined powers of two sommeliers with award winning palates sharing the wines they make and they wines they buy for themselves at home, with pricing that benefits you from what might be called "vinous insider training".


Bloody hell, if I was me I’d want one!



2013 Athletes Of Wine ‘Vino Athlético’ Riesling
From the back vintage/museum stock, a look back at the Canberra project we did from 2013-2015. As this wine hits the peak of its powers we’ve seen the green apple, fresh lime and jasmine turn to poached/yellow apple, lime cordial and baking spice. It makes me think of seafood and pastry like a high-end scallop pie or maybe even a good old-fashioned tuna mornay if you want to bogan it up.

2020 Athletes Of Wine ‘Alto! Alto!!’ Rosato 
Sangiovese-based, and for me, a triumph considering the extreme difficulties of the 2020 season. Pale copper hue, nuances of/an affinity with the flavours of the deli: fennel; olives; cured/smoked goods. A pink drink for you to test my autumn and rosé theory. 

2020 Athletes Of Wine ‘Viñero’ Lancefield Pinot Noir 
As yet unreleased, a sneak peek for Slashie buyers only. Deep black raspberry, cinnamon and white pepper. Light/mid weight, fruit forward palate with a ferrous underlay. A Pinot Noir for the purists: fine, slinky and taut.

2021 Athletes Of Wine ‘Alto! Alto!!’ Rosso 
Another brand new thing, almost 2 years since we had any red blend for you. Merlot, Sangiovese, Pinot Noir, Malbec. Notes of blackberry, raspberry, plum, anise, tobacco leaf and woody spice. Juicy, medium weight.

NV Bellebonne ‘Bis’ Rosé, Northern Tasmania
Can’t tell you how exciting it is to share this wine with you. Nat Fryer is killing it with her own, small, exclusive, much awarded label. Dry, savoury, pristine fizz, with notes of red fruits, Turkish Delight and rose petal. Sets a high bar for Australian sparkling. So so elegant.

2015 Albret Garnacha ‘Viana’, Navarra Spain
Finally people get Grenache! Pure red fruit with a hint of pastrami spice and complex earthiness. Classic Garnacha, full enough for winter, light enough to take a chill in summer. Only lightly oaked to allow the fruit purity to shine.

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