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The Slashie Wine Club is arguably the best (I think it is, Matt agrees with me) wine club going round. It’s a way to keep your home supplied with great wine, either by subscribing to get regular deliveries or as one off (but still regular right?) purchases.


Why is it the best? No other club has the combined powers of two sommeliers with award winning palates sharing the wines they make and they wines they buy for themselves at home, with pricing that benefits you from what might be called "vinous insider training".


Bloody hell, if I was me I’d want one!



2018 Athletes Of Wine ‘Alto! Alto!!’ Riesling blend, Multi-regional VIC Inspired by the Germanic influence in the Alto Adige, Riesling now makes the heart of our white blend. It’s sourced from an organic vineyard in the King Valley (1/6 of fruit spent almost 9 months on skins) and blended with Macedon Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc from the Kyneton and Romsey vineyards. The Riesling had an intriguing spice to it all throughout elevage and we love the perfume and drive this beautiful grape brings to the mix.

2016 Athletes Of Wine 'Vino Athlético' Pinot Noir, Macedon Ranges Vic This wine is an enigma - sometimes so fleshy and fruitful it’s a smashable light red, sometimes it’s more savoury & serious and every bit the sophisticated Pinot Noir we want it to be. Part of the joy and fascination of wine - no bottle is exactly the same. Loads of red and dark berries, nutmeg, perfume, gentle tannin.

2018 Athletes Of Wine ‘Alto! Alto!!’ Barbera blend, Multi-regional VIC An intense Piedmontese trio of Barbera (40%), Dolcetto (20%) and Nebbiolo (20%) from the NE of the state, blended with some Macedon Pinot Noir to lighten the mood. The 2018 version of our red blend returns to being genuinely medium bodied with a darker fruit profile, still some carbonic influenced juiciness and a speck of tannin just to straighten it up. 


2021 Vanguardist ‘La Petite Vanguard’ Pét Nat Grenache rosé, McLaren Vale SA

One of the first 2021 wines we’ve tasted from bottle and it’s a cracker. Beautiful peachy-pink colour, it has lots of lifted watermelon fruit on the nose, with nougat and almond pastry notes too. Gentle fizz, gentle fruit, watermelon again and pomegranate or cranberry with their refreshing acidity. It kinda reminds me of a rhubarb wine I had in Estonia a few years ago – dangerously drinkable, great on its own or with cured fish and pickled things.


2020 White Gate Wine Co. Syrah, Barossa Valley SA.

You might call this an example of Nü Barossa. Chad and Georgia Connolly pick Shiraz a bit earlier than most in the region, aiming to increase the freshness and avoid the higher alcohol and dead fruit of so many of the wines from this region. They also used a mix of just grapes and whole bunches in the ferment – a technique more commonly associated in cooler climates – for additional perfume and structure. Taste the wine and it all adds up to nu-Barossa, unlike nu-metal, being here to stay.

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