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The Slashie Wine Club is arguably the best (I think it is, Matt agrees with me) wine club going round. It’s a way to keep your home supplied with great wine, either by subscribing to get regular deliveries or as one off (but still regular right?) purchases.


Why is it the best? No other club has the combined powers of two sommeliers with award winning palates sharing the wines they make and they wines they buy for themselves at home, with pricing that benefits you from what might be called "vinous insider training".


Bloody hell, if I was me I’d want one!



2019 Athletes Of Wine 'Alto! Alto!!' White, Multi-regional Vic
The inspiration for this wine is the aromatic whites of northern Italy, particularly the sub-alpine region of the Alto Adige. King Valley Riesling drives the florals and spice of this wine, Piedmont-via-Victorian_-Alpine-Valleys variety Arneis has its pear & almond characters on show, whilst Macedon Ranges Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc bring citrus & stonefruit and a subtle herbal crunch respectively. 10% of the blend spent over 6 months on skins, adding texture and intrigue.

2013 Athletes Of Wine 'Viñero' Romsey Chardonnay, Macedon Ranges VIC
We love big bold Chardonnay and this is certainly that! Our first 12 months running the Romsey vineyard, and our second wine, we were keen to learn about the site so picked relatively early and let the wine naturally undergo full malo. As always there's plenty of citrus acidity and freshness yet compared to more recent wines there's a luscious texture and more exotic fruit.

2019 Athletes Of Wine 'Alto! Alto!!' Red, Multi-regional Vic
Like our our white blend this is inspired by multi-variety Italian blends - northern Italy takes Merlot seriously and so do we!
We make the Corsini family’s pristine King Valley fruit into a juicy, slurpable style with lots of whole berries in the ferment and fine tannins on the finish. Malbec and Pinot Noir from the Macedon Ranges contribute deep purple fruit, aromatic lift and alluring charcuterie spice. As always a fascinating interplay of red, black and blue fruits.


2020 Alegro Abundantia Prosecco, King Valley, Vic
Coming from a Macedon Ranges background, a region which focussed on high quality traditional method sparkling, to be honest making Prosecco wasn’t really on our radar, but a great grower needed a buyer for her fruit and we wanted to try and bring some joy into the world. It’s not your typical churn-and-burn Prosecco, this is dry with citrus and pear and hint of savoury complexity.

2020 The Long Way Round 'Bianco' Trebbiano blend, Multi-regional WA
Bryan Martin's home label is Ravensworth, based in the Canberra area and surrounds, but in 2020 he lost all his fruit to smoke taint and this is his pivot label. He reached out to friends in WA and Tassie and as expected, the first taste absolutely blew us away. This pale orange, lightly skinsy blend uses old vine Trebbiano as the heart of the wine, with Riesling and Gewurz providing texture, aromatics and a snappy finish.

2017 Xanadu 'Exmoor' Cabernet Sauvignon, Margaret River WA
This is a contender for our wine of the year (so graceful, so complex, so complete) if you paid $50 for it you'd think you'd gotten a bargain. It has all the hallmarks of great Cabernet - blackberry, cassis, tobacco leaf, fine oak. Xanadu are on a ridiculously hot run, winning over 100 trophies since 2007 including the prestigious Jimmy Watson in 2018.

Slashie Wine Club - summer '20


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