2019 Athletes Of Wine ‘Alto! Alto!!’ Bianco
/ Super complex nose, flint & white pepper. Gentle apricot and soft yellow orchard fruit, lemon, tarragon, frangipane and frangipani.
/ A palate with a northern Italian heart. Fresh, tending towards mid-weight, is soft and textural with gentle grip that closes out proceedings nicely. Expansive and compact at the same time.
/ Riesling,  Friulano, Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc
2020 Athletes Of Wine ‘Alto! Alto!!’ Rosato/ Gentle aromas, redcurrant & fennel seed. Crisp light-med palate with notes of air-dried ham & bay leaf. Aromatically shy but expressive and generous to drink. 
/ Palate still showing cured meats and spice but with strawberries and cream bringing an attractive softness to the palate. 
/ Sangiovese & friends. 
2019 Athletes Of Wine ‘Alto! Alto!!’ Rosso/ Plum, anise, nuances of tobacco leaf and woody spice. 
/ Medium weight, juicy, smashable palate, just the right amount of sour cherry and fine tannins.This release of Alto! Alto!! is right in the zone of where we want it to be. Fruit, deliciousness, and aromatic intrigue balanced by structure and unravelling layers of savoury complexity.
/ Merlot, Pinot Noir, Malbec

Alto! Alto!! discovery kit

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