Alegro Abundantia is a side-project of Athletes Of Wine. A label where the goal is to maximises the good it does rather than the profit it creates. To achieve this a proportion of revenue from every bottle is guaranteed to be paid to charity. We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do what we do and want to try and help others who may not have the same luck as us.


The disastrous 2020 vintage gave us the perfect opportunity to show put our thoughts into action as growers across the northeast of Victoria were abandoned by larger corporations who simply walked away from their contracts. Everything we make under Athletes Of Wine is done as sustainably as possible and we couldn’t sit by and watch good fruit go to waste, so the first wine was born.


The name Alegro (joy) Abundantia (abundance) is recognition of the pure joy felt in the time of the harvest and how that permeates our whole life. Joy – think about it, it’s such a luxurious feeling. We think that those with more should try to actively try to share what they have and improve the lot of those with less. $3 from every bottle sold will be donated to rebuilding communities affected by the fires and pandemic - donations to the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, an awesome organisation that helps communities by issuing grants so they can re-build the way they want to



2020 Alegro Abundantia Prosecco, King Valley VIC

It’s not your typical churn-and-burn Prosecco, this is dry with citrus and pear and hint of savoury complexity.Coming from a region focussed on high quality traditional method sparkling, to be honest making Prosecco wasn’t really on our radar, but a great grower needed a buyer for her fruit and we wanted to try and bring some joy into the world. Hand picked, fermented and aged on lees in tank.

2020 Alegro Abundantia Prosecco