Pale-to-med ruby purple colour. Raspberry and cherry plum, earth and a hint of smoke. Light body, intense red fruits continue on the palate, with some blackberry and hint of oak.


Aromatics swirl and develop with air, the fruit weight builds and builds on the palate but is contrasted with bright acidity and fine tannins.


Our vision for the wine (what’s the style and what does the label stand for):
We want Vino Athlético Pinot Noir to announce itself as a wine with presence and character, clearly made from low yielding, high quality fruit. The wine should be attractively fruity, supple but not simple and the diverse aromatics and fine structure should tell you there is ambition to be more than just a wine for the masses. We believe tannin is a key part of great Pinot, particularly Macedon Pinot, even when it’s under $40 a bottle. 

Blending is one of the best parts of our job and creating exceptional parcels to blend with is even better again – this is a wine where we wanted to recruit more instruments in the band to create a more lush and detailed sound. We felt we could use our wine athleticism to craft a wine that represented the region as a whole - a multi-site, multi-clone, multi-parcel blend to show the full potential of Macedon and to steal some of the spotlight that other regions’ wines enjoy. 

2020 Athletes Of Wine ‘Vino Athlético’ Pinot Noir