Pale straw colour. Lemon meringue, almond meal. Light to med body. pink grapefruit and some fino-like autolytic tang.


Long complex wine driven by the extended lees aging and ripe citrus of Chardonnay, with Pinot Noir contributing a hint of red apple fruit and blossom.


The 2013 season was warm and dry, and by the start of April we started to see stress in the canopy of our Pinot Noir. Matt’s solution – pick it early and make fizz. Liam’s answer – hells yes! We had already reached an in-principal agreement to take on a new vineyard and so purchased Chardonnay from that block to add to our tiny yield of Pinot Noir. A true passion project, a long and slow process to capture the last year of our lease of our original vineyard in the southern part of the Macedon Ranges.


Our vision for the wine (what’s the style and what does the label stand for):

To us, a great sparkling wine is one with seamless contrasts: character from ageing yet is incredibly youthful; primary fruits alongside savoury/yeasty/nutty baked goods; racy acidity with supple texture. The aim being a wine you need to have more than just one glass (or two, or three). Over a period of years as we tasted this wine again and again, trying to decide when to disgorge it we tried to avoid using the C-word but we certainly wanted to make a sparkling with a level of sophistication and drive that the best Champagnes have. Initially we thought 3 years on lees would be enough but we got Macedon-ed. Time, and wines, move slowly in these parts and it was over five years before the wine had all the signatures of really good sparkling. We figured if we were going to do it, we might as well do it properly and were happy to wait.


The South Gisborne vineyard we had leased for the last six seasons had been sold and so making sparkling meant we would have a wine with real longevity and was a bit of an homage to the sparkling wine tradition of the region. Viñero vintage sparkling is one off for now, as the Pét Nat project has incorporated some of the principles of traditional sparkling production such as multi vintage blending.

2013 Athletes Of Wine 'Viñero' Cuvee Extra Brut